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A variant of the Slow Dance Chubby for those with more class. In addition to being a fun and awkward accessory, it keeps time quite well!
Partnered with the cutest girl in the class, I managed to make it halfway through "Sing, Sing, Sing" before the ol' Swing Dance Pendulum started up again.
by OminousT March 14, 2012
A word that sounds like it means something very awkward but is actually pretty mundane.
Some awkwords:

Justin: Hey, can you help me with French? I can't remember all the dipthongs!
David: Sure, after I finish masticating my sandwich.
by OminousT June 14, 2009
The type of pants that a porn star wears!

Variant of bukakke, for those who don't get it.
Oh no, it seems I have soiled my Bukhaki's again.
by OminousT December 03, 2010
When two guys are having butt sex and the guy on the receiving end takes a shit.
Jim: What the hell IS that?
John: Just giving us a jiffy lube.
Jim: Oh. OK then.
by OminousT May 28, 2009
Used to stand for Ol' Dirty Bastard, member of the Wu Tang Clan. Since his death in 2004, it stands for Ol' Dead Body.
A: Have you ever heard this track by ODB?
B: Ol' Dead Body!
A: Shut up.
by OminousT October 24, 2010
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