What Mr. T says when he thinks you're talkin' bullshit. Usually directed at Murdock
"I ain't got time for no jibba jabba"
by Marshall February 24, 2004
Mr T's word for "nonsense"
Stop with all that jibbajabba. I need work.
by Ricky Roma November 29, 2003
Actually, the preferred spelling of jibber-jabber
I ain't got time for the jibba-jabba.
by Flied Lice November 18, 2003
nonsense, to be in a state of silliyness, or delirious
Stop speaking all that jibba jabba fool, Mr. T don't get no tickets.
Stop all that jibba jabba, pay attention!
She's acting jibba jabba right now!
#silliness #nonsense #craziness #foolisheness #dilisional
by Ashledes Temoha June 19, 2009
Sometimes prounced "jibba-jabba". Although it is only a made up word (made by African American, mohwak sporting, gold chain wearing, wrestling superstar, Mr. T), it is sometimes used today by weird school kids. Copy off of Mr. T too much however, and he will throw you.
Shut yo' jibba jabba or I'm gonna throw you, foo'.
by nikkan_hanil December 15, 2003
Incoherent, seemingly non-stop ramblings of a person under the influence of cannibis.
"I don't want to call my mom when I'm high because I won't be able to stop the jibba jabba."
#cannibis #marijuana #pot #weed #jibber jabber #rambling
by Kezzy June 02, 2006
what you want to know
if you are getting cheated on
by Chain October 18, 2003
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