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to jib it is to stop to swerve in scouse
jib it lad lets go home
by MC Dave December 03, 2004
20 6
Meaning 'can't be bothered', to stop doing something, or nevermind. Often used by Scousers.
person 1: Coming for a walk?
person 2: Jib it, it's raining.

person 1: I'm so tired of running now
person 2: Same, jib it, i'm knackered.

person 1: Eurgh I don't want to go her party
person 2: Ah jib it lets go it wont be that bad.
by jamiebellx January 06, 2010
13 4
The conversational equivalent of 'work it' that is typically used to discuss the pursuing of a romantic interest. This is a slang term used primarily to lyrically summon feelings of desire.
Ben: Chris, what are you doing later?

Chris: I plan to jib it with Jessica to see if it's gonna go anywhere.
by Balls McTrippy March 02, 2012
0 5