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to jib it is to stop to swerve in scouse
jib it lad lets go home
by MC Dave December 03, 2004
Meaning 'can't be bothered', to stop doing something, or nevermind. Often used by Scousers.
person 1: Coming for a walk?
person 2: Jib it, it's raining.

person 1: I'm so tired of running now
person 2: Same, jib it, i'm knackered.

person 1: Eurgh I don't want to go her party
person 2: Ah jib it lets go it wont be that bad.
by jamiebellx January 06, 2010
The conversational equivalent of 'work it' that is typically used to discuss the pursuing of a romantic interest. This is a slang term used primarily to lyrically summon feelings of desire.
Ben: Chris, what are you doing later?

Chris: I plan to jib it with Jessica to see if it's gonna go anywhere.
by Balls McTrippy March 02, 2012
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