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someone who is very pro-Jewish, interested in Judaism/Jewish culture, or hangs out with Jewish people, but usu. not Jewish him/herself

a contraction of "Jewish groupie."

a neutral term; more positive than negative
You're a shiksa, but since you're such a Jewpie, we love you anyway.
by rainbowrolemodel August 07, 2005
a popular dish invented in 1939. Jew pie is made by putting jews in a giant pie shell (prefferebly deep dish) and then baked in a large oven. The best jew pie is made in Germany, spacifically Nuremberg. For some strange reason, it is highly unpopular in Isreal.
It's so hard to find good Jew pie in Tel Aviv

Germany: We have to many jews, and not enough food! what shall we do?
Hitler: I know what we should do! To Poland!
7 weeks later
German1: This pie is delicious! It makes me gassy though. and there's a little too much ash and bones in it.
German2: yeah, and that pie factory is always making so much smoke!
by Captain Communism July 19, 2006
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