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Someone who only eats out with a coupon.
Okay babe, tonight we are coupon diners! That will be a great discount on tonight's dinner.
by sr1972 November 26, 2011
Merging of 'Jew' and 'groupie'. Non-derogatory term. A non-Jew that typically hangs out with mostly Jewish people.

Pronounced jew-pee
Mike: Have you noticed that Natalie only hangs with Jewish people?

Steve: Yeah, she's a total Jewpy.

Saul: I'm gonna go find me a Jewpy tonight!

by SR1972 May 11, 2010
Combination of douchebag and deadbeat, featuring the prime factors that define each word. Simplifies talking as using this new compound word saves time. Time is money. Hence using this word saves money.
Amanda: I hate my ex, he sucks.
Steve: Yeah, he's a total douchebeat.
Steve: That's a total douchebeat move.
by SR1972 March 25, 2012
Directed decorations for a workspace or office cube. Corporately defined to be 'personal' to a large extent but the mandatory component of the effort makes it cheesy.
Shaun: So why don't you have any pictures or stuff up in your cube?

Jonas: Oh crap, I guess I gotta get my cube flair up before corporate thinks I'm not 100% bought in.


Manager: Um I noticed you only have a picture of your Mom on your desk. Don't you think you'd be a better team player if your cube was decorated with more of your personal items.

Slave: Uh sure Boss. I'll get more cube flair up tomorrow.
by SR1972 May 27, 2010
Like jealousy, but specifically of jewish things. To want what a Jewish person has.
Pete: Look at Saul's new Mercedes. . . why do Jewish people always have awesome cars?

Mike: Hey there, ease up on the Jewlously, he's worked hard!


Jack: I've got a seriously Jewlousy issue with Morty's lifestyle. . .
by SR1972 May 16, 2010
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