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a woman who dresses as a drag queen. Also known as a "genetically-challenged" drag queen, because acting flambuoyant and dressing over-the-top can be a lot of fun for some women. The woman may not be heterosexual, but bisexual, or a lesbian, or refer to herself as a dyke.

Comes from "faux" meaning fake - "drag" + "queen."

As of the time of this writing, there are no known faux kings. (See: drag king.)
1. Connie and Carla in the movie "Connie and Carla," though they were somewhat forced into being faux queens...

2. See: the drag show in "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous."

3. Ana Matronic of the band Scissor Sisters

4. There is an annual faux queen pagaent in San Francisco.
by rainbowrolemodel June 26, 2005
Someone (usually bisexual, but can be other than such) whose attractions vary.
Today she likes girls, yesterday she liked guys, and who knows how she'll feel tomorrow; she's fairly flexosexual.
by rainbowrolemodel June 26, 2005
someone who is very pro-Jewish, interested in Judaism/Jewish culture, or hangs out with Jewish people, but usu. not Jewish him/herself

a contraction of "Jewish groupie."

a neutral term; more positive than negative
You're a shiksa, but since you're such a Jewpie, we love you anyway.
by rainbowrolemodel August 07, 2005

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