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As has already been said, this holiday is completely fictitious. there is no such thing, because Jewish/Christians, like Messianic Jews, really don't exist, and for a much simpler reason than heritage: you either beleive in Christ, or you don't. sorta hard to halfway that one.
If you believe Jesus is your savior, you are not half-Jewish, you are all-Christian. maybe non-denominational, but still CHristian. also, having a Jewish relative other than your mother does not make you Jewish.
by Shwaggy May 27, 2004
a stupid made-up holiday that people who claim to be "half Jewish" talk about, combining aspects of Christmas and Chanukah.

to set the record straight, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be half jewish. If your mother is Jewish, then you are Jewish, no questions asked. if your father is Jewish and your mother is not, you're not "half jewish."

And don't bust my balls over this defintion, because that info is straight from my Rabbi's mouth.
No, I'm not celebrating Jewishmish, because like a Jewish Christian, it is not real.
by beak March 13, 2004
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