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a stupid made-up holiday that people who claim to be "half Jewish" talk about, combining aspects of Christmas and Chanukah.

to set the record straight, it's IMPOSSIBLE to be half jewish. If your mother is Jewish, then you are Jewish, no questions asked. if your father is Jewish and your mother is not, you're not "half jewish."

And don't bust my balls over this defintion, because that info is straight from my Rabbi's mouth.
No, I'm not celebrating Jewishmish, because like a Jewish Christian, it is not real.
by beak March 13, 2004
a female who looks like and is a total slut (derrogatory term)
she is such a vapid whore
by beak May 16, 2003
A word that is defined at LEAST ten times on this G-d-damn website. Fuck it, I'm not even gonna bother defining it again, my definition is somewhere on this page Chrismukkah

and the OC sucks.
Christmukkah can go die. And that doesn't even make any sense.
by beak March 13, 2004
A stupid made-up holiday from an equally stupid show.

And for the record, if your father is Jewish and your mother is Christian, then you're not Jewish at all. Not even one-half Jewish, it's just not possible. If it's the other way around (dad Christian mom Jewish) then you're automatically 100% Jewish.

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but those are the facts straight from my Rabbi.
Chrismukkah is dumb. Really really dumb.
by beak March 13, 2004
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