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When a man is only attracted to Jewish women.
That guy has to have a raging case of Jew Flu, he's a gentile who is going to temple.
by Dave the Wave April 05, 2006
Initially known as "swine flu."

The internet - serious business - agreed to the name change after Yakov Litzman, an Israeli health official, declared that the name "swine flu" was offensive to the Jewish community.
Person1: Did you hear? The Jewish and Muslim communities are offended by the name "swine flu."

Person2:Maybe they would prefer we call it jew flu.
by brotherbear April 30, 2009
When you become physically ill after spending a significant amount of money. Usually stomach pains.
Aw man I really want to get that new game, but I know I'll get the Jew Flu if I don't wait for a sale.
by Captain Ron's Speedo April 08, 2014
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