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When someone of apparent Jewish origin tries to play catch and is unsuccessful at it.
Thrower: Ok!! you ready to catch this?

Catcher: I sure am, just like I'm ready for hanukkah!!

*ball is thrown*

*unsuccessful catch*

by thumpturtle February 02, 2012
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when a pass made in the game of "hacky sac" or "foot bag" lands directly in the center of the circle short changing everyone of a decent pass. Also sometimes used as an insult.
*as the hacky sac lands in the center of the circle equally far from everyone* "Jew Drop!"
by Steve Jacobsss November 06, 2010
6 0
When one accidentally ashes ones ciggarette while looking for an ashtray
Dude, did you really just Jew Drop on my carpet! The ashtray is right here!
by Cowboy2211 July 07, 2011
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