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A bong that is mainly intended for everyday use.
Guy 1: "you wake and bake every morning, bro?"
Guy 2: "she's my daily driver, gets me to where I need to be"
by flaffer May 24, 2011
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the piece of glass one chooses to toke with most frequently. It is chosen for toking so often because of its functionality and simplicity.
You: "Although I have an extensive collection, I always end up using this Vertigo Glass circ bubbler. It's my daily driver."


Toker 1: "Grab your Dizzle/Deppe collab for us to use."

Toker 2: "No thanks, compadre. I'm just going to grab my daily driver, as it's already dirty, and I don't want you to break one of my very expensive pieces."


SG Stemline, SG Pillar, Itza Mega Circ, Nate Dizzle Swiss Perc,, SGW Waffle
by the Earl of Erl July 09, 2011

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