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A concept well known to most educated countries.
A student is required to study a language different from their mother tongue.
In regions like Europe people speak at least two languages due to extensive utilisation of the second-languauge concept.
Americans on the other hand speak...erm wait...one language?
American person:
"Yo what the dilio, mah man mah man. I speaks them English, yo bro, sup."
"You're like so prep and like so like not cool, duh."

European person:
"Good day, I speak English, French, and German. When my peers and I converse we utilise an extensive vocabulary to express ourselves."
by TheStatesWho? March 12, 2005
A car manufactured by Volkswagen (VW).
In Germany, the land of chocolate, and also the home of VW nobody ever bought a Jetta.
People buy real German cars in Germany and so we don't buy this crappy variation of our otherwise superior and super fast (talk about Autobahn) automobiles.
In the States and Canada however people think that Jettas were cool German cars so they buy them - because most of them a probably too cheap to get a Passat, A4, or A6.
American conversation:
"Hey yo so I gots them cool German wheels."
"Sweeto-meo it's them Jetta."

German conversation:
"So Heinrich I bought myself a sweet Jetta."
"Oh well Gustav you fag, I own an Audi A4 and it eats your Jetta anytime on the Autobahn."
"But...but...my Jetta does 60 mph."
"See Gustav, my A4 does 250 Km/H, which is by the way the regular travel speed of Germans. You think your 60 mph impressed me?"
by TheStatesWho? March 16, 2005
The extreme opposite of asian (yeah now is the time to check out the definition of asian on UD.com)
White trash chick: "Howdy I'm nacked."
Me: "I don't wanna see that."

Asian girl: "Can we hold hands?"
Me: "Dear diary, jackpot baby."
by TheStatesWho? March 22, 2005
The best commerical I have ever seen on TV.
Sitting on a nice little boat somewhere in the ocean and bombing the fucking hell out of innocent people? That is so totally awesome.
Accelerate my life? Sure why the hell not! I always thought my life was long enough, hey why not accelerate it a little and get it over with sooner so I can spend more time dead!
US NAVY dude:
"Yo so I just came back from Iraq...I showed those fudging Iraqi school children. Haha ever see a kid cry because you killed his parents for oil? That's fun...hahaa. Let's watch some MTV and have some KFC."
by TheStatesWho? March 30, 2005
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