one who is obsessed with jesus
Run! The Jesusfreak Republicans are coming!
by Jake May 08, 2003
A true Jesus Freak is one whose life has been changed by the unfailing love of Jesus Christ. They spend time in his word and choose to live for him. They do not try to cram Jesus down your throat, but instead they simply try to show you the love of Christ by their actions and behaviors. They trust that God will do the rest.
(Note: True Jesus Freaks do not live this way as an act, they are genuine people.)
Nick is such a nice guy, it wouldn't surprise me if he is a Jesus Freak.
by HeckaBeats January 25, 2010
Someone who follows the christian religion , but has to tell everyone else how great their god is , and preach , and quote the bible all the time.Is often intolerrant of other's religion.
Gerry : man Fred is such an intolerrant jesusfreak !

Chloe : amen to that

Fred : did I hear someone say amen ! , does that mean you're finally going to convert to the one true religion ?!

Gerry: If your religion is so great , why do you have to force people to join ?
by Victoria Violet October 21, 2006
Off-set of Christianity which brings shame to real Christians. The emos of religion if you will.
Crazy people who take the already fucked up laws of Christinaity to the extreme. They like Hell Houses,throwing holy water all over the place and George Bush. Oh,and Mel Gibson.
Jesus Freaks fear/loathe two thing: Slayer and Bill Hicks.
The Jesus Freak took her nine year old to see The Passion Of The Christ,then later that day she went to a rally to get Brokeback Mountain banned from cinemas.

Me: "Hey,why did Jesus walk on water?"
JesusFreak: "Well-"
Me:"Everyone knows, SHIT FLOATS!"
Me ~runs like hell~
by bandanasarerad October 12, 2006
a person who seriously writes a definition with an overbearingly detailed explaination in here.
"I went to Bible camp every weekend this summer!"
"Beth, you're such a Jesus freak."
by Cmakkk October 03, 2007
Someone who is SO obsessed with Jesus, they will never see anything ever wrong with him, always love him. They will pressure you (annoyingly) about it constantly until you run away screaming.
Gotta kill them all!
Jesus freak: "God is real to you you shouldn't be fake to god he loves you."
John: "What? I was just standing here."
Jesus Freak: "God loves you."
John: "I'm not even religious!"
Jesus Freak: "You should be, Jesus loves you and is deep inside you soul."
John: "AHH SHUT THE HELL UP! YOUR CRAZY!" *runs away*
Jesus Freak: "He's going to hell :("
by annoyedbyjesusfreaks July 07, 2011
A highly obnoxious person who never shuts up about Jesus, God, church, or any combination of these. They constantly try to convert people to their religion, and often mistake politeness as an agreement to join their cultish Jesus-freak ways.

A common trait in Jesus Freaks is their total lack of interest in actually following the morals and such of their own religion, even though they pretend to (i.e., lying, adultery, etc). They also believe that Jesus and God make everything better, and anything negative in their lives must be pinned on Satan.

Of course, they only use God and Jesus and religion as a crutch because they can't handle the harsh reality that is called life.
Jesusfreak: I was reborn in Christ, and now everything is magically better!

Not-Jesusfreak: ...I don't believe in God, jesusfreak.

Jesusfreal: Get thee away, SATAN!

(Bible verse-quoting and holy water-throwing ensues.)
by Moo Moo Muffin June 12, 2008

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