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The handle found directly above the seats of most motor vehicles. May or may not be retractable. It's primary use is to be gripped as the passenger prays, swears, or screams.
He grabbed the Jesus bar as she took the car on two wheels.
by schizoartist October 26, 2004
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The handle on the passenger side of 4 wheel drive vehicles that you hold onto when the vehicle tilts on extreme angles.

The Jesus Bar is so named because most passengers will grab it at the same time as shouting "Oh Jesus!"
#jesus #bar #offroad #panic #vehicle
by Byron john March 26, 2009
A bar located in the disabled toilets which non-disabled or disables uses may grip in the event of a bad bowel movement, grog bow, the shits etc. Users can then let a "jesus!" rip while taking a dump and clenching the bar.
"I took a massive dump ! It was like I was shitting a knife, thank god for the Jesus bar in the disabled toilets"
#shitter #crap #pooh #bm #bowel movement #runs
by LaurelE May 11, 2009
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