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A type of Deli meat that can only be found in Western Pennsylvania. It is supremely thinly sliced ham. Origninally made by Isaly's.
Lots of people in Pittburgh like chipped ham sandwiches.
by schizoartist November 02, 2004
The handle found directly above the seats of most motor vehicles. May or may not be retractable. It's primary use is to be gripped as the passenger prays, swears, or screams.
He grabbed the Jesus bar as she took the car on two wheels.
by schizoartist October 26, 2004
An icecream treat that was created by Isaly's, a company that originated in Pittsburgh, PA. It consists of Vanilla icecream covered by a hard chocolate coating.
When it's hot out, the best treat is a Klondike bar.
by schizoartist November 02, 2004

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