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Used to describe an action or area which is of poor socioeconomic value. Trailer trash, ghetto and houses with car parts, shopping carts are areas of LR.

Actions might be but not limited to using plastic grocery bags as handbags and claiming Twinkies as an ingredient in a desert will definitely constitute as an LR action.
Joseph: "Whats with the grocery bag Lynn"?
Lynn: "I use it as a hand bag so I don't get mugged in my neighborhood. I got some Twinkies to make my strawberry shortcake desert"
Joseph: " That's low rent"
by LaurelE May 11, 2009
A hooker who is less than 5 foot tall. Not restricted to genetic dwarf humans but could also be smallish Asian types and chronic crack whores who lose bone density and shrink.
BigE.."what the fuck was that??"
JJ.."A child hooker???"
BigE.."it's so small..."
JJ.."nah man, just that midget hooker on MacArthur.."
by LaurelE June 05, 2009
A bar located in the disabled toilets which non-disabled or disables uses may grip in the event of a bad bowel movement, grog bow, the shits etc. Users can then let a "jesus!" rip while taking a dump and clenching the bar.
"I took a massive dump ! It was like I was shitting a knife, thank god for the Jesus bar in the disabled toilets"
by LaurelE May 11, 2009

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