According to The Holy Bible the supposed begotten son of God who died for the sins of all mankind so that we may enter the kingdom of heaven.

Much uncertainty has arisen for centuries concerning the validity of the words and existence of Jesus Christ. It all falls on what people refer to as "faith", which is most often times interpreted to mean the truth.

That which is true for one may not be true for another. It is totally ludachrist (no pun intended) for one to believe that their perception is THE way. That is how terrorists feel when they fly planes into buildings and strap bombs to their chests and walk into a U.S. Embassy before setting them off.

Most likley, we do not know the truth and probably never will in this life, if ever.

Over the centuries Christians (who derive their title by supposedly following the teachings of Jesus Christ), have been inspired by multiple interpretations of countless renderings of The Holy Bible and perceptions of the words in the Bible and thus have carried the word of Christ and salvation to those who are deemed "unsaved" and/or "damned". This includes tribes of indigenous peoples found in remote areas of the world who are literally steeped in thousands upon thousands of years of tradition and ritual. I wonder how these people feel when someone comes poking along speaking of a miracle healing carpenter that was hung on a cross a few centuries ago that was sent here by a God forced to hurt them for all eternity lest they believe in this Holy Bible and the contents therein, basically telling these innocent people that the way that they have been doing things since long before the time of Christ and Christianity has been wrong all along.

Jesus Christ is a supposed representative of a God, who is just and loves unconditionally and yet is willing to send those who do not believe in him or his son to live an eternity of despair and agony. Jesus is a spokesperson for a God that does not allow us to do the things that he does or did, such as seeking vengance derived from anger and the wrong-doings of a fellow man. This is a normal human reaction for survival means and it seems that this God that Christ and his followers swear alliegance to wants us to "Do what I say and not what I do". This God denies us some things that are within our makeup (hate, vengefulness, anger, etc.) while being sympathetic to more obvious ones (love, forgiveness, compassion, sympathy).

Most Christians believe that this is how it is and that there is no other possible way. They believe that Christ will return and make the world into a place free of anything that will do harm to the believers and devotees in any fashion...for only 1,000 years of course. Then who knows what will happen. Maybe their dreaded Satan will take over again and set the whole circle into motion once more.

For many Jesus Christ is a well thought out fable, a concoction of several vivid imaginations. Still for some Jesus Christ is a man who was real and most likely did some very impressive things for a good number of people. He may have been rebellious and radical for his time and yet spiritual all the while, but still embellished a great deal, little by little over the past few mellinia to where the actual deeds done by Jesus Christ himself have been utterly and unretrievably lost and obliterated in the tar and muck of translation from person to person and book to book.

There is no hard evidence which suggests that he was the only begotten son of God nor does it prove that he died for a cause that was tangible and concrete enough to be known and undisputedly proven as THE truth from the biblical rendition of God.
Jesus is someone who may have been real or may have been false. He may have been a person who helped a lot of people, but tales of his deeds were written down and embellished so much that the truth will never be found again.
by E April 07, 2005
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The name Bill Cosby thought was his growing up. He thought his brothers name was "God Dammit".

According to Cosby's classic stand-up routine, his father would always yell at him and his brother.

Something like: "Jesus Christ, it's raining, get in here. God Dammit, you get in here too.".

But then one day he was playing in the yard alone and his father called him: "God Dammit, quit making such a racket!" Bill just stood there looking around for his brother. "God Dammit didn't you hear me?" yelled his father to which Bill replied, "But dad, I'm Jesus Christ!"
Jesus Christ, the Simpsons are killing us in the ratings! God Dammit we're being forced into cancellation because of a stupid cartoon!
by Alfie The Horndog September 17, 2005
Died on the cross for my sins so that I may be forgiven and gain the free gift of eternal life.
Billy: Mike, you *bleepin'* *bleep*, haven't seen you in 10 *bleepin'* years! How you been?

Mike: Well Billy, I'm actually a Christian now... and a pastor at that!

Billy: Well I'll be damned!

Mike: You don't have to Billy, Jesus Christ can save you!
by Mr. Goodbar X85 August 29, 2008
The “Prince of Peace” in whose name countless have been slaughtered.
Jesus Christ: the poem.

The savior.
The light of the world.
The big cheese up in the sky.
Who was nailed to a cross, so we wouldn’t die.
by nethcev! September 01, 2006
Son of God - was with God in spirit before he was born in human form a couple thousand years ago. He lived a totally human life, being subject to everything all the rest of us have to deal with (including stinky poo, hang-nails and folks that don't like us) but didn't do anything wrong.

After 30 years of living, he began traveling around letting folks know that to please GOD, you don't have to be uptight about trivial stuff. Just treat others as you'd want to be treated, love those that don't love you back.

He then was beat up and sentenced to death. Although he had the power to escape the situation, he knew that it was supposed to happen so that through his perfect life, he would be a sacrifice to those who would trust and follow him. He did die, but then came back to life and conquered death ('cause we can't) for us. This gives us who have done wrong the ability to have a relationship with GOD (which is why we were originally created).

Having a relationship with Jesus is not religion, and being religious does not mean you have a relationship with Jesus. It's the relationship with Jesus that saves us - not from bad stuff happening here, but for eternity.
I trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sin to save me from eternal death into eternal life with GOD.
by wilburforce August 21, 2008
Jesus, a mistranslation of the hebrew name Yeshua and Christ, translated from the Greek word Cristos, a translation of the Hebrew Meshiach, or as we say in English "Messiah".
Jesus Christ is the annointed one, the Messiah, Cristos.
by Chris Fedele May 24, 2005
The Son of the living God.

When Jesus asked his disciples who people say he is,

Mathew 16:16 - Simon Peter answered, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God." (This was a God inspired response from Peter, and therefore God's own definition of Jesus and is confirmed by Jesus' response, "Good for you, Simon, son of John!...For this truth did not come to you from any human being (or Urban Dictionary), but it was given to you directly by my Father in heaven."
Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.
by PSBWTHU December 25, 2009
1)The second most important figure (next to God) in Christianity. In the Bible, the Old Testement takes place before he is born, and the New Testement takes place after.

2)An exclamation of anger. According to Christianity, you aren't supposed to say the Lord's name is vain, so it's considered by some to be a swear word.
1)When we went to Church on Sunday, the priest told us about the life of Jesus Christ.

2)"Jesus Christ, how stupid can you be?!" yelled the teacher at the student who couldn't read.
by Newbia June 22, 2004
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