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a jesse is an awsome kid who is capabel of many things that are unbelievable to find in one lil person
hes a very smexii boy who has alot on him mind....might dislike some people but still have the spunk to still be friends and umm hes one smarty/fatty acid
-jesse's may change the world
- "omg did u see that guy yesterday?"..."oh yea he was so bangable"
by Marina Avetisova January 02, 2008
1510 936
A totally sexy, sweet, awesome man that steals your heart when you least expect him to then makes you feel like a total woman around him with all of his loving caring ways.

Wow he is a Jesse
by HisD January 02, 2009
729 369
An individual who - at some point in their life - will search their own name on UrbanDictionary.com
"Hey man you should check out UrbanDictionary.com" "YA, I totally will...I wonder what comes up if I search Jesse?"
by Mystr_o May 10, 2010
642 292
Another term for perfection.
He makes a girl feel like she is the only girl alive.
Amazing kisser and super amazing cuddler.
"Whoa, hottie at 2 o'clock!" Girl 1
"Oh him, I've heard he's pretty amazing too." Girl 2
"Sounds like a Jesse Senn" Girl 1
by Anonymously24 December 20, 2008
421 202
A deep romantic with astonishingly beautiful eyes, a man named Jesse will be a wonderfully caring individual who tends to put others needs above his own.
I love you, Jesse.
by your lovely wife February 02, 2010
343 188
the best guy in the world, sweetest, AND hottest! gives great turn-ons!
"wow, that guy is such a jesse!"

"he gave me such a jesse last night!"
by jolene(: August 16, 2008
283 132
The most amazing huband in the world!
Friend: "My boyfriend is so cool...he'd make the best Jesse!"
382 243