a jesse is an awsome kid who is capabel of many things that are unbelievable to find in one lil person
hes a very smexii boy who has alot on him mind....might dislike some people but still have the spunk to still be friends and umm hes one smarty/fatty acid
-jesse's may change the world
- "omg did u see that guy yesterday?"..."oh yea he was so bangable"
by Marina Avetisova January 02, 2008
An individual who - at some point in their life - will search their own name on UrbanDictionary.com
"Hey man you should check out UrbanDictionary.com" "YA, I totally will...I wonder what comes up if I search Jesse?"
by Mystr_o May 10, 2010
A totally sexy, sweet, awesome man that steals your heart when you least expect him to then makes you feel like a total woman around him with all of his loving caring ways.

Wow he is a Jesse
by HisD January 02, 2009
Another term for perfection.
He makes a girl feel like she is the only girl alive.
Amazing kisser and super amazing cuddler.
"Whoa, hottie at 2 o'clock!" Girl 1
"Oh him, I've heard he's pretty amazing too." Girl 2
"Sounds like a Jesse Senn" Girl 1
by Anonymously24 December 20, 2008
a super amazing guy. he's sweet, funny, caring, cute/hot, lovable, playful, and a bit of a trouble-maker. he has pretty eyes, he loves anime and music, and he says some of the sweetest things in the world. he's unique. he always knows how to make you smile or laugh, and can definitely cheer you up when your down. he's very trust-worthy, and you can tell him anything. yes, he's some-what perverted and says perverted things sometimes, but only says it to make people laugh. alot of girls like him, but he's not the type of guy that goes and dates every girl he can get. you should feel special if you get close to him, because he doesn't let many people get that close to him. jesse is just awesome. <3
Jesse is just amazing. End of story. (:
by Alexandria Six. October 01, 2011
A deep romantic with astonishingly beautiful eyes, a man named Jesse will be a wonderfully caring individual who tends to put others needs above his own.
I love you, Jesse.
by your lovely wife February 02, 2010
the best guy in the world, sweetest, AND hottest! gives great turn-ons!
"wow, that guy is such a jesse!"

"he gave me such a jesse last night!"
by jolene(: August 16, 2008
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