a violence-ridden city that is considered to be holy, sacred and important to the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
"Jerusalem" is also a common chorus in some religious hymns. For instance, Billy rushed to come to choir practice and in the process he forgot to put on his belt. The choir was practicing that choral verse "Jerusalem! Jeh-ruh-sa-lem!" and Johnny was standing behind Billy and as Billy's pants were dropping Johnny was sing "Ya-loo-sen-em!".
by New World Man January 19, 2009
Top Definition
The new promised land of eternal redemption in the midst of United States of America.
jerUSAlem supports our troups !
by jfp February 07, 2008
City in Israel/Palestine that is contested between Judaism, Christianity and Islam as a holy city. Probably THE most contested city in the world. Countless wars have been waged by all three religions to control this city. It is now inhabited mainly by Israeli Jews, Arab Muslims and Armenian Christians.
Another army took over Jerusalem today, as the Middle East erupted into violence again.
by Kiran the Man August 10, 2006
An extremely cool town in the middle of the State of Israel, with lots of mountain air to breathe. Apart from the Old city, where all the holy places are, there's the pedestrian zone with all the pubs and bars and judaica stores.
Check out Jerusalem!
by Natsla September 05, 2009
To Jerusalem: commonly known as a reluctant shag, where you have taken stock of the evening, realising that nothing better is coming your way, you leave with a slightly lower than average girl. In order to perform to expectation you lie back and think of England, the best way of doing this is to sing the most patriotic of songs, Jerusalem!
Wylie: Would you?
Ed: I have to sing Jerusalem.
by Where's my Rolex? November 10, 2008
Was and will always be the Capital city of Israel. In spite of the ignorance of the nations of the world, who do not accept Jerusalem as Israel's capital, it's said so in Israel's constitution: "United and full Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel".
Therefore, Israel has no intentions of even thinking of giving up parts of the holiest city.

Don't believe in geographical books which mark Tel-Aviv as Israel's capital. They are wrong.
Jerusalem has no active ambasies anymore. This mean no country accepts Jerusalem as the capital of Israel anymore.
Oh, well. They can all **** themselves.
by Urban_Fellow September 07, 2006
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