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Gin and Tonic, especially pluralized; common pronunciation of the abbreviation "G&T" used in England.
"A couple of stiffish jerts, Jeeves."
"Yes, sir."
"Stiffish, Jeeves. Not too much tonic, but splash the gin about a bit."
- P.G. Wodehouse
by Jordan Samuelson October 24, 2011
53 14
A nickname often used for passwords and file names.
Started with a miss interpretation of 'Irina'.
May be used in a file such as: 'jert1.doc'
by Zheleznyak June 12, 2007
5 16
jert is a skinny french kid that wears tight pants and walks around screaming jesus on his way to auschwitz.
He is screaming jesus, and is walking, and is skinny, and has on tight pants. that kid is a jert.
by lord of everything LMAO April 19, 2007
13 28