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a shot that consists of bacardi 151 along with Tabasco sauce and pepper.
This drink will hit ur stomach make you puke, bunn ur inside..and make you scream for Jesus (Help)!!!
to end ur night quick..drink a screaming Jesus!!
by +E-Man January 02, 2008
A FICTIONAL sexual "maneuver" that you would apply to a person you don't particularly like (or in some cases- hate), but still want to have sexual intercourse because they are extremely hot.

It is a maneuver specifically made up for fantasy purposes only- as the other person would die. It involves you nailing the A-hole/ Bitch to a cross, and then nailing him/ her (with consent).
Paul: "Damn, Bob's sister is a total Bitch. Did you hear what she said?"
Tom: "I know, what a total Bitch. She's really hot though."
Paul: "I know- I'd like to give that bitch the screaming Jesus."
Tom: "Me too, man."
by Mortis Macabre September 25, 2009
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