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Jerky curtains are the cross between beef curtains and beef jerky

they are when someone with beef curtains goes swimming in the sea, then goes sunbathing. thereby salting and drying the beef curtains to make jerky curtains.
much like beef jerky, (a tasty salted and dried beef snack)
bro she's got jerky curtains, that shit must be like sandpaper

shes obviously been too long in the bed, then on the beach, shes got jerky curtains
by akmeid April 10, 2010
A beef jerkey-like product made from an Afro American woman's Roastbeef Curtains, or very loose pussy lips. The meat undergo's the same process needed to create your regular store-bought beef jerkey.
Scott enjoyed his Tuna Melt at work today topped with some tastey Jerky Curtains!
by Mike the Mouth March 13, 2008
long pussy lips, worn out pussy, a well used vagina, stretched out labia
her labia resembled a pair of jerky curtains
by fman68 October 31, 2006
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