Any fabric or tissue used to collect and/or wipe off semen after masturbation.
"Eric! What happened to your curtains? They are all crusty!"
by drKarling July 02, 2004
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A Variation of Asswad. An asshole, unsavory character, cheapskate. Origin: Refence to a peice of Toilet paper used during Male Masturbation.
"God You're a Jerkwad Jerry."

"Stop being a cheap motel room Jerkwad Jerry and gimmie a dollar!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Noun. An asswipe.
"Whomever keeps cancelling my submissions before they are reviewed is a jerkwad."
by Electromagnetic Spectrum January 23, 2008
some creep that pisses on your socks while you sleep.
somebody pissed on my socks while i was asleep! hes a real jerkwad!
by lovingchrystal April 22, 2011
1:(N)an annoying Jerk 2: (A) in an annoying way or a aggrivating way 3: (N) an A Jerk who iz obbsessive or someone who wont leave you alone 4: (N) a jerk bigger than a jerk
He was an annoying JeRkWaD
by Vampii007 February 04, 2010
1. The results of jerking off
2. jism
3. cum
"Piss-off Jerk Wad"
"John is such a Jerk Wad"
"Why does he act like such a Jerk Wad"
by Jowsie November 05, 2003
What emerges from ones pecker after masturbation especially after long abstinence.
Immortalized by the late great Bill Hicks, when he said he hadn't been laid in years. and what would emerge next time would be
like a wax dart.
by diverdan April 28, 2004

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