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A Variation of Asswad. An asshole, unsavory character, cheapskate. Origin: Refence to a peice of Toilet paper used during Male Masturbation.
"God You're a Jerkwad Jerry."

"Stop being a cheap motel room Jerkwad Jerry and gimmie a dollar!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Reference to a room full or folk easily termed as "Tools"
"Christ, the Lobby is a fuckin tool box today."
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Similar to Cheese It. Usually Involves sitting in the Car and peeling out.
"Oh shit it's the cops! PUNCH IT!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Shortened version of "Suicyco Muthafucka."
Meaning Psychotic Stake of mind.
"Jerry you Cyco! Whatsamattayou!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Variation of Asshole. Origin: A Wad of Recently used Toilet Paper.
"You're such an Asswad Jerry!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
Worse than a Douchbag. A Super Douchebag prick that likes to hang out with other Lesser Douchebag Friends, gathering them around him so he can feel like more of a douchebag than the Douchebags he mongered.
AKA Chandler from Friends.
"Jerry, you fucking Douche Monger, tell your friends to go home!"
by Hazard October 24, 2003
Basically "whats the matter with you" slurred into one word with an italian accent.
by Hazard October 23, 2003
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