A computer workstation or desk manufactured by Ikea. It is metal and wood and is modular in that Ikea provides extra shelves and drawers to expand and modify it.
My Jerker holds all three of my computers and is where I spend my time working at home.
by Patrick Palmer July 15, 2003
Top Definition
Asshole; People who do things to annoy you on purpose
"I hate gays, gangbangers and fuckin' jerkers" - Tyler, The Creator
by zackydiesel October 28, 2011
The highest state of jerk-o-sity. There is no turning back from being a jerker.
That stupid jerker stole my lunch money.
by Ramboner February 17, 2003
A Jerker is a dancer who dances the "Jerk" dance.
Yooo, that kid was Jerking so i guess he's a Jerker!
by poti95 December 12, 2010
London term for a knife
"Pulled out me jerker and striped his boat race"
by waller February 28, 2008
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