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A great man who has the best opinions and an amazing way of saying things with a huge amount of metaphors, is firmly against going slower than 120mph and speed cameras, once had his own chat show called Clarkson but was recieved too much hate mail for the sheer amount of abuse he spewed.
Talking to a Spanish guy "well you're just bone idle really aren't you" not just that Spanish guy the whole of Spain...genius
by Stutley February 24, 2005
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A hilarious TV star from the BBC motoring show top gear (UK, not the horrible American one). He has a great sense of humor, sometimes a bit controversial and seemingly with the logic of a twelve year old but great to watch and together with Richard Hammond and James May, the greatest TV show in the world(it is the most watched factual TV show in the world) is produced.
Did you see the latest Top Gear Christmas special?
-no, what was it about?
-Jeremy Clarkson, Richard and May went on a journey though Patagonia! it is great! i really recommend it!
-OK, thanks, i think i will watch it.
by random ass dude who is sexayyy January 21, 2015
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A nob, usually presenting television programmes of the car variety, who gets sexually excited by the inner workings of automobiles
by James Steele February 07, 2005
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An obnoxious arsehole, currently presenting Top Gear alongside Richard Hammond & James May. He is irritating, rude & insulting to most people & cultures, though he does get some things right...
...not very often.
Jeremy Clarkson, that obnoxious dick off Top Gear...
by BadAssGirl December 22, 2013
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