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The act of auto suppository insertion
That dude with piles can Jeremiah himself like a pro
by Lactuloseaddict February 07, 2014
Although know to be the manliest people they have many disadvantages, they are usually weak, and the biggest problem is they have very small penises, they are not good in bed and they are jerks most of the time and they try to hard to make friends
Jeremiah is so weird
by Qwertyuiopdfhgj May 29, 2013
A freakishly skinny male who generally likes "putting it out there" as well as fake laughing to mask awkward situations. Known to have the largest adams apple in existence, and an embarrassing obsession with Ray William Johnson (or YouTube in general). If the number 27 is at the end of a username, you know it's him. This guy has some sweet style and can make friends with a brick wall.

Has also had numerous failures with Rick Rolling.
Az-dog: David Blaine is the best magician, just putting it out there.
Daypants: Cool story, Jeremiah.
by WammyZ May 01, 2011
Loves video games and anything nerdy. Thinks hes an emo kid. His funny stories aren't funny. He thinks playing the guitar in a band makes him cool and he will make it big, but he won't. He will always just work in the electronics department at your local walmart or something like it. He is a total creeper, so beware. His girl jeans are so tight, his eyes are practically popping out of his head. Avoid if possible.
by Lynka February 25, 2010
Heart breaking meanie who will dump the slyest coolest person ever and will do anything or go out with anybody for quick buck.
"Did you see that Jeremiah dump a total babe last night?"
by Delaney Haravan December 30, 2008