Can play his flugelhorn very well.(; Has a really big smile. Knows how to make you scream in bed, though he cares more about his activities than his girls. Not a beer man, loves mixed drinks, but tell him to watch out for the fruity ones. Likes to walk on nude beaches too much. Can be a pimp if he's not tied down to a girl.
I had the most godly time in bed last night.
Oh, you must've been with a Jeremiah.
by Jessie loves tater tots.(: January 29, 2011
A guy with a small dick who is a pastor's son and hides behind a mask of religion to justify his sinful actions. Has hair that looks like a muppet wig and will have ugly kids which will be sold to the zoo. They will try to force you into having sex with them, then ignore you and tell you you're just "not mature enough."
They also have abnormal pubes and hairy belly buttons and are massive gym rats.
When confronted with one, do not panic; call National Geographic ASAP to tell them that the dodo bird is not extinct, but his standing right before your eyes.
They are evil pricks who try to claim they are into punk music and mexicore just to get in your pants, yet they call Vic and Mike Fuentes "ugly" and claim that "Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are brothers"
You can meet satanists nicer than them. Beware.
Random person: "Vic looks like a foot"
Me: "Shut the fuck up you burnt avocado that's such a Jeremiah thing to say I will drop kick you, you scabby lil cunt. Don't mess with my sexican, bitch."
by Clifford'sCackle March 29, 2016
A freakishly skinny male who generally likes "putting it out there" as well as fake laughing to mask awkward situations. Known to have the largest adams apple in existence, and an embarrassing obsession with Ray William Johnson (or YouTube in general). If the number 27 is at the end of a username, you know it's him. This guy has some sweet style and can make friends with a brick wall.

Has also had numerous failures with Rick Rolling.
Az-dog: David Blaine is the best magician, just putting it out there.
Daypants: Cool story, Jeremiah.
by WammyZ May 01, 2011
Although know to be the manliest people they have many disadvantages, they are usually weak, and the biggest problem is they have very small penises, they are not good in bed and they are jerks most of the time and they try to hard to make friends
Jeremiah is so weird
by Qwertyuiopdfhgj May 29, 2013
Loves video games and anything nerdy. Thinks hes an emo kid. His funny stories aren't funny. He thinks playing the guitar in a band makes him cool and he will make it big, but he won't. He will always just work in the electronics department at your local walmart or something like it. He is a total creeper, so beware. His girl jeans are so tight, his eyes are practically popping out of his head. Avoid if possible.
by Lynka February 25, 2010
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