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Someone who talks alot, but still listens to what you have to say, too. Has cool, and has understanding parents. Has a really heart warming smile. Has curly hair, that he always trys hide. Sweet, honest, and caring. Has nice style. REALLY cute, kinda short. Will always text you back RIGHT away.
Who, Jeremiah? Yeah..He's the best. <3

Damn, he's such a Jeremiah.
by <3 aliyah ;P November 05, 2010
best friend anyone could ever have. he's sweet, caring, and will listen to anything you have to say. Jeremiah's are the best boyfriends ever. they will do almost anything to satisfy their other half. they can deal with all types of people. people with anger problems, bi-polars (in another word annas). they will be there for you long after you thought it was over, dont let them go
Q. Hey did you see that girl over there

A. yes i did, she was being a complete Anna, but Jeremiah knows how to handle her.
by iknooo December 17, 2011
1. Pretty much a demi-god of sexiness.

2. Manliest man alive

3. A great awesome friend, comrade, and a cool guy to hang with

4. Can also mean well hung

5. A bit lazy

6. A patriot

7. Funny guy, always full of humor

8. Sometimes weird but lovable nevertheless

9. Can be clumsy at times

10. Best mofo you can have as a friend
Girl: girl im tellin ya last night was good

Girl2: is he Jeremiah?

Man our friend ditched us he aint a Jeremiah
by AmericanPimpmeister October 24, 2011
An awesome guy. Always there when you need him. Also a real lady killer, there have been cases of girls being so enshrouded in vain jealousy they make fun of him anonymously from the internet. Although a man of his caliber does not pay attention to such narcissistic little whores.
Man Jeremiah is fucking awesome!
by illuvater November 03, 2010
A strong-minded person with hidden talents who strives to be the best, not to be better than others, but to prove to all that he can do it.
That guy's state champ! What a Jeremiah!
by Superman6994 January 23, 2014
young wild and free
Jeremiah says fuck this shit dogg im out
by juggalo13 September 28, 2013
Can play his flugelhorn very well.(; Has a really big smile. Knows how to make you scream in bed, though he cares more about his activities than his girls. Not a beer man, loves mixed drinks, but tell him to watch out for the fruity ones. Likes to walk on nude beaches too much. Can be a pimp if he's not tied down to a girl.
I had the most godly time in bed last night.
Oh, you must've been with a Jeremiah.
by Jessie loves tater tots.(: January 29, 2011