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Something you should definitely add to your repertoire of quirky sayings, but as long as you use it in the same snippy context as Eric Cartman of the show South Park. Also the only acceptable phrase containing the word "hella".
Person 1: Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?
Person 2: 'Cause I'm hella cool, that's why.
by screambloodygore September 24, 2005
Cartman's favorite saying, meaning really really cool.
"Dude, that concert was hella cool!"
by Katelynne January 21, 2004
A saying mainly used in california meaning super cool
Man, that bong looks hella cool dude
by rick June 14, 2003
Awesomley Cool
That's Hella Cool
by Sean Jones April 14, 2003
A word that Cartman from the show South Park often uses but no one thinks it's cool.
"Awww that's hella cool!"-Cartman
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
People who do, say, think awesome things that make other people jealous of the intense coolness of them.
Danyelle and Stephanie are hella cool.
by blarga wagga June 29, 2009
(N.) A term made up in Southern California by Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. It means "Super Duper Cool" and is most oftenly used by assholes and douche bags trying to be hip-dope-fly. Eric Cartman of South Park also use to like using the lame phrase, too, but forgot about it soon after he got into it.
Gwen Stefani says you can be "Hella Cool", "Hella good", "Hella fly", "Hella dope", or "Hella mad".
by G-Union October 30, 2003
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