"Jep" Is another way to say Yes, Yup.. you get the point
Girl: Hey.. you going to Rena's?
Boy: Jep.
by Reeyah April 16, 2006
brown stuff that gets accumulated on boys' briefs, usually more prominent when the boy farts a lot & does not change his briefs for more than 2 days.
Man, you got jeps on your briefs.
by QUINCAY February 19, 2003
The emotional state directly between happiness and disbelief, as in the moment of realization that the thing that was too good to be true really was too good to be true.
I feel downright jeppy today... at least I had that comic to read.
by Traejen October 02, 2007
Yet another euphemism for penis.
His jep was only like 3 inches when hard.
by Mr.why January 19, 2015
1.- A Puerto-Rican and Black mixed man, having Caucasian-style hair and taking physical attributes from each race.

2.- A nickname for someone named 'Jeff'. If the Jeff fits the description of definition #1, he will remain Jep to everyone, and the name will spread more easily.

3.- (noun) Someone who acts like a Wampum.

4.- (verb) The act of rigging, or assembling something in such a ridiculous way, as to astound or surprise those around you, that you've accomplished such a feat.
1.- "Did you see that Jep? He was tall like a black man, yet quick like a Puerto Rican!"

2.- "Hey Jep!" "My name is Jeff!" "No, now it's Jep."

3.- "Whatta Jep..." "Don't be such a Jep."

4.- "Wow, you really Jepped that up."
by -Zeejay- March 21, 2010
The action of losing the game.
Shit, Jep, I thought about the game.
by Sheltoids November 15, 2007
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