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2 definitions by -Zeejay-

1.- A term used to express anger, annoyance, or frustration.
2.- (noun) A derogatory term used to express any negative feeling toward another person.
1.- "Ah, wampum!"
2.- "Shutup, wampum!"
by -Zeejay- March 21, 2010
1.- A Puerto-Rican and Black mixed man, having Caucasian-style hair and taking physical attributes from each race.

2.- A nickname for someone named 'Jeff'. If the Jeff fits the description of definition #1, he will remain Jep to everyone, and the name will spread more easily.

3.- (noun) Someone who acts like a Wampum.

4.- (verb) The act of rigging, or assembling something in such a ridiculous way, as to astound or surprise those around you, that you've accomplished such a feat.
1.- "Did you see that Jep? He was tall like a black man, yet quick like a Puerto Rican!"

2.- "Hey Jep!" "My name is Jeff!" "No, now it's Jep."

3.- "Whatta Jep..." "Don't be such a Jep."

4.- "Wow, you really Jepped that up."
by -Zeejay- March 21, 2010