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A game that lets players reenact George W. Bush's Presidency. Keep taking down the foundation until everything falls!
Bush after stock market crash: JENGA!!
by janitor bob December 01, 2009
67 41
Ex 1) v. Simultaneous oral sex with multiple partners. Groups arrange themselves in positions that sexually satisfy and arouse each participant. Each person will adjust themselves so that their mouth is near another's genitals, performing oral sex. In order to fully experience the erotic and titillating position, partakers stack themselves on top of each other in the form of a tower, similar to the game "Jenga".

Ex 2) n. Jenga can also be turned into a sensual and kinky game, in which the person who makes the tower fall loses. This arrangement can be performed in opposite-sex or same-sex pairings. The word "jenga" is derived from kujenga, the Swahili verb "to build".
If you could jenga with any 3 people, who would they be?

Lets go jenga, and then play jenga!
by EastDist January 31, 2008
201 64
referring to a stacked female who is very unstable.
"Yo that soupy bitch is so jenga!!"
by Gregtwon May 01, 2007
76 62
An exclamation used when one plays the game Jenga, and a player causes the tower of blocks to collapse. Similar to "Yahtzee!" Can also be used when anything falls over in general... or simply to be obnoxious.
*Guy drops glass plate after balancing it on head.*
Observer: JENGA!!!
by Lupinpatronus August 10, 2008
25 16
V. JEN-ger To Jenga is to attend a social event with the soul intention of scoreing with easy or sluttish women. The term is derived from an expression relating to the game Jenga, in which you 'Find the ones that are loose, and pull them'.
Mark: I'm off to Craigs 18th
Yohann: WTF!? i thought u hated craig!
Mark: Yeah, i do, i'm just going to Jenga
by FreeFish June 22, 2005
92 85
The last fart you rip before you hit solid or liquid release (like pulling the jenga log and the tower falls). The fart that precedes having to take a dump - the one that is holding in the turd.
You're drinking with your buddies and ripping a good string of farts and after one real good one your realize that the next thing that will come out is crap. You proudly declare JENGA and everyone knows that you just pulled the last fart before the pile of turd drops out & you haul ass to the toilet.

I came up with this when pheasant hunting in KS with buddies. Walking through a field and no toilet in sight for miles and I shout out JENGA and head for a stand of trees to drop trou and take a dump. Since then the use of JENGA has spread a fair amount throughout the midwest. Help me pass it on.
by boydweiser September 15, 2011
8 3
A exclamation of success, exhilaration or satisfaction. Said with the enthusiasm of people playing the actual game (shouted).

An acceptable substitute for: 'Awesome', 'Sweet' or 'Wicked'
"That is so JENGA!"

"i just won the lottery? JENGA!!!!!!"
by Gambit403 November 30, 2009
19 15