An exclamation used when one plays the game Jenga, and a player causes the tower of blocks to collapse. Similar to "Yahtzee!" Can also be used when anything falls over in general... or simply to be obnoxious.
*Guy drops glass plate after balancing it on head.*
Observer: JENGA!!!
by Lupinpatronus August 10, 2008
1) When someone fails completely in any activity. Usually involving an event that takes time to build up. i.e., a project at work, school, or social life.

2) When someone passes out violently due to being highly intoxicated.

Note: This term is usually used in its past tense form, "jenga'd," except for the exact moment when the failure occurs at which point anyone witness to the event may say, "jenga."

Used in place of a sarcastic slow clap.
1) He tried to score with this chick, but he fucking jenga'd that shit.

2) He was so fucking trashed, he jenga'd on the dance floor.
by peteverona November 14, 2009
A person of Jewish descent, who is as well of African descent.
What's up my Jenga!
by Sharkyboy January 19, 2015
A word used in reference to a drug
I'm high on Jenga

Friend 1: Don't OD on Jenga

Friend 2: to late I'm already feeling crazy stuff happen :D
by Timmmmmmmm. May 16, 2011
something that is cool, worthy of mention, or just all around amazing.
girl 1= omg you think that guy is cute?
girl 2= yeah, hes so jenga.
by snowrida April 23, 2011
another word used in place for words such as bogus or wack
you can't come to the party tonight? thats jengas!
by bamsalot July 24, 2008
Game played using wooden blocks three times as long as they are wide. The blocks are stacked in a square tower with three side by side in each floor, aligned at right angles to those above and below. The players take it in turns to remove one block per turn from the tower. The loser is the one who makes the tower topple.
I love playing jenga. Especially the satisfying crash when it all comes down.
by Fearman April 11, 2008

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