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Any form of annoying little man that likes to steal your pants, and swim to Tokyo
"Hi, Jemoses"
by DJ Chronos September 27, 2003
An angry little midget that steals your pants, fucks your wife, cuts off your cock, eats your toast, and swims to Tokyo.
You fucking Jemoses. I'll kill you.
by yer dad November 22, 2003
Contrary to rumors that were spread by Jemoses fans, it is indeed a type of creature. Confirmed reports indicate it is an elf-like appaition, with no nose, and 4 arms. It weilds two katanas, albeit crappily. These creatures are not dangerous, they just pretend to be. If you see one, capture it, and sell it on ebay
"Oh look, a Jemoses"
by DJ Chronos November 12, 2003
contrary to what many believe Jemoses does not steal pants he is a kind and gentile man who likes pre-marital sex and gorey violence, who swims to Tokyo only after stealing bread, not pants.
I am Jemoses!
by Jemoses September 30, 2003
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