4 definitions by Jemoses

A type of whiney insect that gets caught between ones teeth while cycling, who's mournful cries before death are often mistaken for techno music.
"Damn little DJ Chronos flew in my mouth and now it wont shut up!"
by Jemoses September 30, 2003
contrary to what many believe Jemoses does not steal pants he is a kind and gentile man who likes pre-marital sex and gorey violence, who swims to Tokyo only after stealing bread, not pants.
I am Jemoses!
by Jemoses September 30, 2003
A melborp is a fictional device that is used to contain many undesireable emotions (i.e. sadness, hatred, true happiness etc.) or opinions projected towards the listener. In doing so replaces it in a sentance.
"Go melborp Yourself! you melborping melborp!"
by Jemoses September 25, 2003
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