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They only exist when the woman is menstral. It can be seen in various places such as the toliet bowl, pad or tampon. It is a chunk of the uterus linning. It is squeshy and can be mistaken for balls of jelly.
Marisa: wow Jane you left a huge Jelly ball in the toliet, gross!

Jane: lol you should have seen the one i found on my tampon.
by Marisa Stanz February 15, 2009
The way to obtain jelly balls is to suffer great blunt force trauma to the nut sack causing you to have internal bleeding in your ball sack. Making your ball sack fill with blood that resembles a bag of jelly.
Herbert Finkle was badly struck in the nuts. Which turned is ballsack to jelly. Giving him a bad case of Jelly Balls.
by pussy cruncher January 04, 2012