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A farewell saying, used when saying goodbye to someone. Can be shortened to "Glow"
"Glow in the dark nigga, peace."

"I'm out man, talk to you later." "Alright broseph, glow"
#glow #goodbye #farewell #dark #coatimundi
by Sam Best February 17, 2008
Someone who isnt quite smart, who has a low IQ
Can be used to describe a naive person.
This chick in my economy class can't stop asking stupid questions, she really doesn't glow-in-the-dark!
#blonde #smart #sutpid #slow #retard
by princessforaday October 30, 2007
can describe anything kinky the lights up while it is dark adding to your sexual pleasures

derived during a sister wendy movie
Jeremy: do me
Laura: only if you have glow in the dark
by *<] : ) August 24, 2004
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