An extremely annoying cult that brainwashes little children into not excepting blood transfusions to save their life. If you are baptized and want to leave, they will "disfellowship" you and the consequences are that your family and friends who are JW's are not allowed to associate with you anymore.

They are a bunch of hypocritical fanatic bible thumpers who criticise all non-JW's, but just sit around in their Kingdom Halls and talk about how good they are and how bad everything in the world is. They just sit there and discuss the same fucking thing during every meeting.

The are a complete waste and drain on society and the economy. They do not contribute positive in anyway. They are just sitting around waiting for the world to end, which when it does all JW's will get into the new system and all non-JW's will be killed by god!
Husband: How was your day, dear?
Wife: Oh, two Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on the door at 7am this morning and I immediately told them I was disfellowedshipped. The two young men screamed like girls and ran back to their car.
Husband: Where's dinner?
by squish squashy April 28, 2006
I see there is someone stating that the Jehovah Witnesses don't accept blood transfusions and that nowhere in the bible does it say anything about blood. Well I strongly disagree, I can tell you it is very clear Act 15:20 KJV "But what we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication and from things strangled(or killed without draining their blood) and from Blood."
Most people think a child died because the parents are Jehovah witnesses and they don't accept blood but didn't you think maybe the child died from complications and because they don't accept transfusions the child died from a complication.
Also look in to acts 2 15:28-29. "Jehovah Witness actually receive better medical treatment because they don't accept blood" (American Journal of Obstetrics and gynecology 1968).
All surguries including open heart surgery, brain surgury you name it. The army is actually now using the methods Witnesses have been using for years because there blood supply is down.
I'm so glad people don't know what they are talking about that they convince themselves that they know everything. Don't claim to know what the bible says or doesn't say if you have never read it. I will always quote from the King James Version, which is what is normally used in most christain churches. I am not a Jehovah Witness but I have studied with them and they are wonderful people and they don't just make up crazy things from no where their beliefs come staight from the bible. While everyone who is not a witness is reading this consider one thing where in the bible does it tell you that you are going to heaven if you are good? Good luck (just a hint it isn't in there I've studied the entire bible)
by j2k January 01, 2005
Ok well, first of all, Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT a cult. They have their own beliefs just like any other religion. Yes, Witnesses don't believe in the trinity. But why is it that Buddhists (just an example)or any other religion that doesn't believe in God is not criticised?? They all have their own belifs. And for everyone who is saying things, have you actually ever talked to a Witness in person?? Don'y believe everything you hear. Also, it is true that Witnesses do change their teachings at times. But the reason is because they have discovered something new in the bible and have revised their teachings in order continue living according to bible principles and laws. The celebrating of Christmas, birthdays, etc are not bible teachings. Does anyone recall Jesus and his disciples ever doing any of these things?? Honestly, just contact the Witnesses yourself.
As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, you may face opposition, but did not Jesus face such things also?
by azncutie November 09, 2006
a person that believes that jehovah is their creater and also follows monotheism strongly. they also knock on people's door to try and get them to join their religion.
a jehovah's witness knocked on my door yesterday
by im_the_Bomb June 15, 2009
The people that make you go through the trouble of buying a "no solicitors" sign.
The other day I saw a Jehovah's Witness walking door to door down our street, luckily I just bought a "no solicitors" sign.
by AlexChan11 December 18, 2010
Jehovah's Witnesses? Yes, that is the way they refer to themselves. It is a descriptive name, indicating that they bear witness concerning Jehovah, his God ship, and his purposes. "God," "Lord," and "Creator"—like "President," "King," and "General"—are titles and may be applied to several different personages. But "Jehovah" is a personal name and refers to the almighty God and Creator of the universe. This is shown at Psalm 83:18, according to the King James version of the Bible: "That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth."
God's personal name in ancient Hebrew

The name Jehovah (or Yahweh, as the Roman Catholic Jerusalem Bible and some scholars prefer) appears almost 7,000 times in the original Hebrew Scriptures. Most Bibles do not show it as such but substitute "God" or "Lord" for it. However, even in these Bibles, a person can usually tell where the original Hebrew text uses Jehovah because in those places the substituted words are written in large and small capitals, thus: GOD, LORD. Several modern translations do use either the name Jehovah or the name Yahweh. Hence, the New World Translation reads at Isaiah 42:8, "I am Jehovah. That is my name."
The name as related to
a courtroom drama

9,000,000 Jehovah's Witnesses Worldwide
Look, it's those awesome Jehovah's Witnesses people!
I want to talk to them!
by fffffffffaaefajff June 21, 2010
I was raised a witness, though I'm not involved anymore. They are not a cult, as some on here will have you believe.

They are a fundamentalist sect of Christianity. Yes they are annoying when out preaching, but tell them not to come back and they won't.

Unlike the Catholics, they aren't responsible for some of histories greatest atrocities. In fact, they are a very peace-loving people who live simple lives, centered around strong family values and honesty in all things. If Jesus wouldn't even let Peter defend him with his sword, what sense does it make that mainstream Christianity has caused or condoned every war in the last two thousand years?

Those who say that their interpretation of the bible is wrong clearly don't study history. Things like the Trinity, the date of Christmas and the differentiation of the clergy/laity don't know that those things were added by the council of nicea 400 years after Jesus died. That council was lead by emperor Constantine, who was a pagan until the day he died. He added those and other rules to ease Rome into converting.

Of all the religious nutjobs out there, they are about the most harmless. I'm not saying I'd ever rejoin, but that's just because I hate religion. Just about every witness I know is as nice a person as I could ever hope to meet.
Yeah those Jehovah's witnesses are kind of kookie, but at least they never burned people alive just for owning a bible like the Catholics did...
by Woogie boogie! March 14, 2012
Christian religious organization based in Brooklyn New York.
Based on biblical teachings use other literature as aide to provide people free bible courses.
I spoke with one of Jehovah's Witnesses on Saturday.
by JohnQ123 March 11, 2013

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