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The cracker you eat at church communion in praise of Jesus that looks simular to a cheez-it cracker.
You may now take and eat your Jeez-it.
by stupified1217 July 19, 2008
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Wafers of unlevened bread given at Judeo-Christian holy communion.
Combination of Jesus and Cheez-it.
Excuse me, father? Where can I buy a box of those Jeez-its?
by connick March 04, 2003
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(n) Holy Communion Stolen From The Minister To Be Taken Home And Have Milk Be Added And To Be Eaten Like Cereal

Dane Cook Used This In His "Church" Stand Up Act

Hey! Jeezits Are Two For Two Dollars, whOa!
by Tristan January 24, 2005
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to say jesus really fast.
like cheezits but without the cheese part.
ohh jeezit we got fucking tests didnt study ohh well fuck
by kati williams January 16, 2008
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