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Do something. Usually with purpose.
You wanna fight? Let's do it up bitch!
by connick March 04, 2003
Wafers of unlevened bread given at Judeo-Christian holy communion.
Combination of Jesus and Cheez-it.
Excuse me, father? Where can I buy a box of those Jeez-its?
by connick March 04, 2003
Never having to reload; Often an attribute acquired by using some form of cheating.
White kids love hip-hop and Axel, tractors and Rambo, playin' Unreal Tournament with infinite ammo.
by connick March 04, 2003
Weak; not particularly cool; particularly uncool.
Damn son, that shit's peazy! or That's a big bucket of Pepto-Peazmol!
by connick March 04, 2003
v. To defeat or defile someone or something.
I got rox0red by a bot in Unreal Championship!
by connick March 04, 2003

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