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1. The last name of the character 'Matt' in Death Note. Matt is a minor character, and was, according to author Ohba, only included because Mello needed someone to tell his plans to. Matt has red hair in the manga, however, in the anime, his hair is a brown color. He is famous for playing video games constantly, being a techie nerd, and wearing a pair of goggles and a striped shirt(with or without a fur vest)

He appears in two episodes in the anime, and unfortunately, the episode where we get a good look at him would be the episode that he dies in.

Strangely, his 7-8 appearances have made him obnoxiously popular with fangirls.
Matt's full real name is Mail Jeevas, commonly pronounced May-el Gee-vahs, as in Aol's famous 'You've got Mail!'

2. A Death-tard's new word for geez.
OMG, did you see Matt in last night's DN episode?!?

Jeevas, woman!
by NerdBomb September 09, 2008
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