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Jeena is the name given to a caring, fun- loving, wild, crazy, adventurous person, who is just loved by many. A person who is emotional, hides feelings, takes risks, has deep thoughts. Mostly given to a female. Guys drool for her. It is given to a person who gets hurt alot and is used for her body. Everyone wants a piece of her.
"Damn i want me some Jeena, she be looking fine as hell today"
by seductivefigure October 03, 2009
A name given to a woman of beauty and intelligence. She is often admired but falls victim to low self esteem and also becomes very defensive when questioned. A good companion in small doses. Also hates being accused of being wrong, be sure to avoid judging a Jeena because they will try to maul you.
Wow, Jeena just totally flipped a shit over that show she forgot to record but came up with a reason to blame the world for blocking her memory to record it. Genuis.
by ScotchandButter April 26, 2011
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