When you and a friend get boners and equip yourselves with glow in the dark condoms, and light saber battle to the death.
Wanna play some Jedi Master after class today?
by WackyZachy November 04, 2010
Top Definition
An advanced sexual act typically described as a "No handed spider monkey" The Jedi Master usually involves deep penetration while balancing in a position where one, or all individuals involved are in danger of slipping, falling over, or off of the surface which they are positioned upon. (edge of a couch, bed, etc.)
There wasn't anything on the bed to hang on to. So, I brought out the jedi master!
by AngryCanadian October 31, 2006
One of the most banned internet users on the planet, because of nazi moderators who couldn't took him seriously. He currently owns his own island known as Cult of The Jedi.com
Also one of the coolest people on the internet!
Jedimaster just broke the intr@web!
by Zapix March 26, 2004
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