A girl proficient in the art of "cock blocking". A Jayne will constantly follow and thrive off her one and only friend. If any interested male party attempts to hit on or even talk to this friend, the Jayne will immediately go on the defense. With a constant stare, the Jayne will then make it virtually impossible to interact with the girl you are attempting to talk to.
Friend : "Hey bro did you talk to that girl last night?"

You: "Na man, I didn't get a chance to. Her friend kept staying there third wheeling like crazy!

Friend: "Shit bro, looks like you've got a Jayne on your hands!"
by reiter911 April 11, 2013
Often mistaken for JEN-AY

Jayne is a highly dosile breed often adapting to cold climates living off Ganja amd a varst variety of other plants and animals.
Jayne's seem to have apapted quiet well to the Human World
by Spoontits October 20, 2011
normally known as a creepy lady who sits around a fire with my grandma and your grandma
jayne- oh yeah i remember her... isnt she the councillor lady ?
by mygrandmaandyourgrandma October 23, 2011
A simple replacement for any word that you can't remember, can't be bothered to say or feel needs spicing up.
Also, it can be fun to use Jayne as a replacement for a word that rhymes with it.
Donny - 'Hey Ted, someone called for you earlier.'

Ted - 'Who was it?'

Donny - ' That girl from the Flea Market... Ya know... Jayne.'


Ted - 'Hey Donny, weathers getting rough eh?'

Donny - 'Yeah, it might Jayne.'
by woolbar July 26, 2008

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