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Jaylin can be the sweetest person you will ever meet, or the meanest depends on how you treat her. Shes an outgoing, intelligent, independent person; She's very flirty but once she is in a relationship is committed as ever. Is sexy and has a banging body, she can be very loud at times when she needs to, and she is usually very random. You will never see her in an off mood, she is always smiling, She can light up anybody's day. She loves meeting new people and doing crazy things. She is fun to be around and knows how to get down in the parties. She has a lot of friends and a lot of haters. she's a beautiful girl that will change a guys life with her love, if she ever finds a guy worth it.
"Who's that? She's beautiful"
"Thats Jaylin, you have to be amazing to get with her"
by Lala18123 October 10, 2011
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the cutest, sweetest boy you could ever meet. he's a bit of a player, but his heart is always on one girl. he never tells you he loves you unless he means it.
Who is that cute boy over there?
Oh that's Jaylin, he's really sweet.
by Gemmmmma August 06, 2012
jaylin is a very special person. she's the sweetest person you will ever meet! she can be very loud at times when she needs to, and she is usually very random. you will never see her in an off mood, she is always smiling. she can light up anybodys day. she loves music, and her friends. she likes to make new friends and take adventures. she is a w e s o m e ! not into drama. loves her family. she listens to other people before her own voice, & loves to help people out in any given situation.
jaylin is amazing.
by bubblecheeks. March 03, 2011
A boy who loves you and have the cutest face ever. He will love you forever. Have the best kisses. He will be the best boyfriend you will have , so make sure don't lose him. He will do anything for you and he is really sweet too. He will be funny to you. If you are sad , he will cheer you up with a hug or a kiss.
Friend : Who's that?

Me : It's my boyfriend name Jaylin
by I love jaylin May 27, 2012
Where do I start? Jaylin is beautiful, and awesome. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is always smiling and never in a bad mood, I could never see her angry. Her eyes are ass blue as the sky and her smile is perfect. I love her so much, she is literally the best girlfriend.
"Who's that? She's beautiful"
"Thats Jaylin, I'm so lucky to have her:)"
by SoHappy:) July 23, 2011
Jaylin is an amazing girl. She's unbelievable beautiful and when she smiles you want to smile too. She has the body of a model and even though she may not have a large chest, she has a booty in the back. Jaylin is a girl who is super intelligent and loves friends, sports, music, and is really nice to everyone. Only real men can capture the heart of Jaylin. Jaylin is perfect.
Guy: I can't stop thinking about Jaylin.

Guy 2: Dude, just ask her out! You're good enough for her!

Guy3: Wow, Jaylin is beautiful
by setinstoneforyou January 25, 2014
Jaylin gives zero fucks. He's got a huge dick. He fucks so many bitches, it's almost illegal. That nigga does not love these hoes, and that nigga is about his paper. He's a real nigga. Salute
That Jaylin kid is living the life, having sex with everyone's mom and taking their money right after!

Girl: OMG Jaylin! You gonna pinksock me tonight?

Jaylin: Probz not.

Jaylin is the man! He truly gives zero fucks.
by I.P. Knightly November 26, 2013

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