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An intelligent human being with a beautiful soul that is always fun to be around, a great mother and a hot momma.
Jayda is a hot momma
by noname1234 February 03, 2010
A gorgeous girl who all the boys love. She is very sexy and fun to hang out with. She may seem shy at first but when you get to know her she is crazy. She has many friends and loves animals. She is sweet and very nice. She is beautiful,pretty,cute and has a great personality. She makes a great best friend for anyone. You will love this girl.
Damn, that girls a Jayda!
She so hot, i know right shes a total Jayda!
by anoymous34523 October 08, 2011
a name given to stunningly gorgeous girls with A+ personalities. These girls are usually the all-american type who love their mama's, love to ride horses, and are amazing ballerinas. They also tend to be very sexy and are known to be skilled at belly dancing.
That Jayda's a a heartbreaker, watch out!
by springydingy February 02, 2010
A wonderful girl, one who can make your day just by smiling at you. She doesn't think she's very pretty, but she's gorgeous. Just holding her in your arms makes you feel, if only for that moment, that life is ok. And her brown eyes are sa-weet. When they look at you, you feel giddy. She's as close to perfect as a guy could ever get. And don't get me started on her kiss...
Jaydas a great kisser!
by landon345 November 14, 2011
A Beautiful Storm of humanity. A princess of the pixxi. Being around her takes you to dizzying new heights of happiness heretofore unknown.
It was like falling down an M.C. Escher painting of despair, and then I met Jayda.
by RolloLee July 12, 2013
Some bitch who sits on her computer all day searching for asian girls with big tits and huge asses to add to her Tumblr. Jaydas like to ignore your phone calls, insult your intelligence, and are notorious for dissing your friends because it is the only thing that stimulates her besides a bowl of Ramen. If you're a Jayda; you might be mistaken for a man, have a best friend named Kita, have onions for armpits and wear big ass zebra slippers. If you have a friend named Jayda, your other friends might question her existence.
Could've been a Jayda, that got a hold of the wrong stuff and made her go up a tree and play a leprechaun.
by shutupyes September 02, 2014
"a name given to stunningly gorgeous girls with A+ personalities." <----FALSE

Jayda - 'just-a' , 'just gonna'
"what are you doing today, pro?"

"Im jayda chilling"

"Ya pro, thats cool pro, me too pro....eh..he he...eh.."

"Jayda shutup"

".....Ehe, sorry I better go"

by Andyants November 15, 2011