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is a cheap hack compared to comic legend and part time real estate agent Conan O'brien
screw leno, let's watch soemthing else 'till conan is on
by steve February 25, 2005
when something has run it's course but one or more participants refuse to acknowledge it.
i broke up with her last night but she showed up at my place today for lunch, all "jay leno" like we were still together...?
by wgzn September 29, 2009
the 'Brett Favre' to Conan O'Brien's 'Aaron Rodgers'; coming back in the wake of retirement to screw another man's career; flip flop
Man, don't be a Jay Leno. Step down while you can, and let someone else handle it.
by SawGuru January 14, 2010
a comedian with a popular talk show who has a large jaw and collects cars
Guy ---- "I am sorry, but we have to break up."

Girl -----"Oh, But why?"

Guy ---- "Its your chin... you look like... like... JAY LENO!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you hear what Jay Leno said on the tonight show last night?
by master stghm April 04, 2004
1. Slang for a pathetic hack.
2. Slang shameless hack.
3. One who appears to trumpet his or her lack of originality.

Terms are derived from the characteristics of popular television program The Tonight Show's host, Jay Leno. It refers to him bribing away talent from their original sources instead of cultivating his own (see John Menendez, formerly of The Howard Stern Show, and That Glasses Guy, formerly from The Daily Show With John Stewart) as well as blatantly stealing comedy bits from other comedy shows (see Celebrity Jeopardy skits, originally performed on the program Saturday Night Live).
"Billy overheard the premise for my Science Fair project and he totally Jay Leno-ed me."
by Proud American March 08, 2005
Some guy with a big chin who is the former host of The Tonight Show, and it appears he'll be stealing the job back. He screwed David Letterman out of the job back in 1992 when Johnny Carson retired, leading to Dave moving over to CBS. He is now about to do the same thing to Conan O'Brien because his own prime time show wasn't too popular with NBC affiliates. He is driving Carson to roll over in his grave.
Jay Leno is a selfish bastard who just can't let go of the spotlight.
by realy2jproblem January 19, 2010
To give or to promise to give something then take it back later on.
You gave me that iPod and now you want a back? Your such a Jay Leno.
by Blanky Blankenstein January 24, 2010
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