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Some guy with a big chin who is the former host of The Tonight Show, and it appears he'll be stealing the job back. He screwed David Letterman out of the job back in 1992 when Johnny Carson retired, leading to Dave moving over to CBS. He is now about to do the same thing to Conan O'Brien because his own prime time show wasn't too popular with NBC affiliates. He is driving Carson to roll over in his grave.
Jay Leno is a selfish bastard who just can't let go of the spotlight.
by realy2jproblem January 19, 2010
The two replacement words Bob Barker came up with for D-Generation X's "Suck it" catchphrase for one night only when he guest hosted WWE RAW.
Shawn: This is our livelihood here.
Bob: You made your point. I've got two words for ya: Spin it!
by realy2jproblem January 06, 2010

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