Javier is an amazing person who is incredibly smart and talented. He has long flippy hair and is super handsome. He is nice and will cheer you up when you're down. He is also great in bed. He is superior to all other males when it comes to sex. He is also has an nice body and assets.
Oh, that Javier.
by Thatonegirlfromtheinternet January 14, 2013
Tall and handsome guy. Very flirty and treat women the right way. A fierce gentleman in every way, is not afraid to take risk and is very successful. Very determine, intelligent, faithful and sincere. Love his family and friends and is very committed to them. Have a way with words and is a very likeable guy, people love to be around him because he gives them confidence.
by locoroco01 September 23, 2013
A tall, dark, handsome, and sexy spaniard whose really good in futbol, really good at cooking, bullfights, and speaks galician, pronouncing his 's' with a 'th'
1: Wow! Whose the guy who just did that hat trick?
2: That's Javier, he's so fiine.
by pseudoecips October 19, 2011
Javier is a Hispanic name. They're mostly tall, tan and handsome. Very honest person but very bad attitude. They usually think they're the leader because they like things there way or no other way. They're soul mates name starts with a N and ends with a A. So don't let that person go Javier.
Javier is so handsome with big lips.
by Javierrrrrrrr October 16, 2013
The best boyfriend in the world. He may not be perfect, but no matter what he is loved by his wonderful amazing girlfriend. Most Javier's are a Taurus. Javier's might not like their job or their girlfriends jobs but not to worry Javier's will get a much better job in due time

Happy birthday babe :*

Ps I know it's a little early to say it but what ever :)
"Man I wish I had me a Javier"

"Too damn bad javiers taken by Ashley"
Well sometimes can be a real asshole and you kind of fucking hate him but somehow some way you are his best friend reasoning for him being such an asshole is usually expressed by a Javier in many ways such as not answering his phone after the fifth call in 5 days and the 10th text in 2 days because you know what he's a real asshole that's pulling off a "Javier"
My friend said he can't come over he has to do his homework...? This pulling off a "Javier"

My "Javier" likes really ugly girls and calls then beautiful and really irrelevant words

My Javier said he really likes this girl they date and she's really ugly he says she's beautiful he breaks up with her and says she's ugly

My Javier gets really mad when you prove him wrong he's a real piece of shit huh
by Jauris Jamar Jaurison Lamar February 28, 2014
The name for boys who believe they are good at sex because urban dictionary told them so. Commonly used to angle more grandeur onto the sexual prowess of their oral-sex talented friends.
"Oh, that Javier. They say he's got great sexual prowess."

"Not even! Have you met his friend Bernardo? Now THAT'S sexual prowess."

"You're right! What was I thinking?"
by Fully Moons October 23, 2012

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